Wool ‘n Wood Exhibition

The Glen Innes Art Gallery is preparing for another great exhibition, Wool ‘n Wood. As the title implies the exhibition will remind us of the important timber and wool industries that are significant in local region, while celebrating the creative use of these fantastic products.

The works of painters and photographers will reflect this theme and should make for some interesting works presenting aspects, both past and present of these primary industries and the people who work in them.

However the exhibition will be much more than two dimensional representations. Artists and artisans who work in wool and other textiles, and those who work in wood will present some intricate, interesting and amazing creations.

Wool from famous New England fine wool merinos, the broader staples from crossbred sheep, and the relatively new (to Australia) soft, silky fibre of alpacas will all be highlighted in the exhibition. Often these will be combined with other natural fibres such as silk and synthetic yarns to heighten their impact. There are some extremely skilled spinners, weavers and felters locally and you will be delighted with the riot of colour and textures in the works which will include wall hangings, jackets, brooches and scarves to die for. Knitting, crochet, tapestry, scrumbling and rug-making also utilise these yarns in a myriad of styles.

Timber is a fantastic, durable and beautiful medium for woodturning, carving, joinery and marquetry. Recycled old wood often has a wonderful grain and lustre and will be featured in some of the exciting entries for this exhibition. You will also see some spectacular examples of the various techniques with bowls, spoons, necklaces, furniture and sculptures.

Many of our local artisans working in wools or wood have experience gained over a lifetime and combine techniques to create some really exciting designs and pieces. So make sure you don’t miss this exhibition which opens at the Glen Innes Art Gallery on 3 June at 4pm. The free event will be great way to spend a winter Saturday, with refreshments and live music by Laurie Newsome. For more information contact Robyn Condon 0429848765 or robyn@strategy2action.com.au

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