Off The Wall

The Glen Innes Art Gallery will be opening an exhibition with a difference on 28 October 2017. The exhibition, Off the Wall, will be an opportunity for art lovers and collectors to offer works they own which are by recognised artists for sale.  

There are many reasons people may wish to do this, but often it is simply that they are running out of wall space, and which to prioritise those they hang.  Sometimes people may be moving to smaller premises or ‘downsizing’ and have just too many works to take to their new home.

We expect this to be an eclectic exhibition with a broad range of artists represented from around the world, as people rationalise their collections. You never know what people have on their walls, so it is an exhibition not to be missed! 

Works may be in any medium, including sculpture and should be by a recognised artist, that is, one whose work is known and recognised, either locally or more widely. As is usual with Glen Innes Art Gallery exhibitions, the curator who, for this exhibition, will be Denis Haselwood, will have the final say in which works are to be accepted. 

Owners who wish to sell should be aware that there are resale royalties payable to the original artist through the Copyright agency, for works with a sale price of $1,000 or more. For further information regarding this, please contact Denis on, or 0428344142 or email


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