Call for Works | Post War Glamour-Focus on Forties and Fifties


The Glen Innes Art Gallery would like to invite you to participate in our

Post War Glamour-Focus on Forties and Fifties

which will be held from:

8 October to 28 October

Works will be accepted at The Glen Innes Art Gallery (Learning Centre), 71 Grey St, Glen Innes on

Tuesday 4 October 10am to 12pm

There will be a Gala Opening for this exhibition at 4pm Saturday 8 October

At the end of the exhibition works must be picked up and signed out on

Saturday 9 October 10am to 12pm

The post war period in Australia was a period of economic boom, increased European immigration and a new wave of fresh ideas, design, and debate.There was stimulation and excitement after the privations and austerity of the war years. Projects in architecture, art and fashion included a simplicity of line, colour and style and incorporated the use of new synthetic materials. Fashion in this period is characterised by the resurgence of haute couture and the resumption, by Paris, of its position as the arbiter of fashion.This exhibition will include a rich display of the fashion of the period in David Jones fashion parades 'direct from Paris', magazines, clothes and accessories.

Your artworks will complement this wonderful event, the ideas for which are limited only by your imagination, but some ideas for works might be:

  • Artworks, in any medium, that reflect the style and design of the period
  • Depiction of fashion of the period
  • Depiction of the architecture of the period, reflecting the new styles and building boom
  • Post war immigration including a large contingent of British immigrants (Ten Pound Poms) and those from war-torn eastern Europe
  • Returning soldiers taking up land under the Soldier Settlement Program
  • New foods and styles brought with the wave of post-war immigration
  • Introduction of mechanical farming including tractors which increased after the labour shortages of the war years
  • A boom in vegetable growing in Glen Innes and the opening of the freezer works
  • Polarisation of Capitalism and Communism- and the outbreak of the Cold War
  • The post war baby boom
  • A return to the values of the nuclear family and the goal of home ownership-'the white picket fence'

This exhibition is being held in conjunction with the Glen Innes Library and Glen Innes Art Gallery Post War Glamour Event on 8 October.

It is being curated by GIAG members in conjunction with Bill Rendell.For more information, please contact Robyn Condon on 0420848765 or

Standard Conditions of Participation

  • 1.All works must be presented at the Art Gallery by the time and date set for the acceptance of works for each exhibition.
  • 2.All 2D works must be framed and have appropriate hanging fixtures with D rings approximately quarter distance from the top of frame and appropriate hanging wire.

Note: Double-sidedmounting tape, single hanging points centrally located on the frame, and fishing line, are not considered suitable to ensure safe and stable hanging.

  • 3.Commission will be calculated at 20% members and 35% non-members.
  • 4.All works, including works that are NFS, are to be accompanied by entry fees.

Entry fees are:

  • $8 per entry (or per collection*) for NFS works
  • $8 per entry (or per collection*) for works for sale over $50
  • $5 per entry (or collection*) for works under $50

* A collection of jewelry is defined as a display not exceeding an area 400mm x 400mm.

* A collection of ceramics is defined as a set of works to be sold as one item.

  • 5.Entries are to be no wider than 1.5 metres.
  • 6.All works to be individually labeled with the exhibitor's name and title on the back.
  • 7.Items for display purposes only must be clearly marked, and noted on the Exhibition List of Works as not for sale (NFS).
  • 8.All work must be signed in and out by the artist or their representative.
  • 9.Each artist must fill out the Exhibition List of Works form and all sections must be completed and signed. Note:May be done on day of delivery
  • 10.All work submitted must be the original work of the exhibiting artist.

Note: If any works are not based on the artist's design or derived from the artist's material due credit must be given e.g. after/based on. Also refer to copyright rules – see www.artslaw :- appropriation art/ an overview of copyright.

  • 11.An $8 late fee applies, if work picked is not collected on due date.
  • 12.Work previously shown in the Gallery is not to be presented for exhibition.
  • 13.All work must remain in the gallery/conference room until the completion of theexhibition.
  • 14.The Art Gallery committee has the right to refuse any art work that is unsuitable for exhibition. Space, unsuitable hanging fixtures or presentation may be grounds for its rejection.
  • 15.Unless otherwise excluded by the exhibiting artist, photographs of their works may be taken by the Glen Innes Art Gallery Inc., for use in publicity through print or electronic media or for archival and record purposes. Visitors to the Gallery will not be permitted to photograph works without specific and verified permission of the artist.
  • 16.All work to comply with WH&S as deemed by curator or committee.
  • 17.The Glen Innes Art Gallery Inc. shall exercise all reasonable care in handling the works submitted, but works shall at all times be at the risk of the exhibiting artist and the Art Gallery shall not be liable for any damage or loss, howsoever arising.

Please read in conjunction with the Exhibition List of Works form.

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