Off The Wall Resale of Art Works Information

Resale of Artworks

Art owners who wish to resell works are invited to exhibit and offer for sale original works of any media which are by recognised artists, at Off the Wall, to be hosted by the Glen Innes Art Gallery from 28 October to 4 November.

Works must be delivered to the Art Gallery by Tuesday 24 October. Contact the curator, Denis Haselwood 0428344142 for information and conditions of entry. Royalty resale rights may apply for works with a sale price of $1,000 or over.

Resale Royalty Rights VERSION 2

5% Royalty is payable to visual artists on certain commercial sales of their works under the Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009:

  • For original works
  • If the sale is the second transfer of ownership after commencement date (8 June 2010)
  • If the sale price is $1,000 or more including GST
  • If the sale involves a market professional (e.g. Art Gallery)

The royalty is payable to the artist or the artist’s beneficiaries:

  • If the artist is(/was immediately prior to death) a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Or a citizen or permanent resident of a country which has a reciprocal arrangement with Australia.

The resale royalty will be payable on all commercial sales (to the artist or his/her estate) which occur until the end of 70 years after the calendar year in which the artist dies.

Payment of the resale royalty is the joint responsibility of the vendor, the buyer and the art market professional/gallery.

Vendors with works over $1000 will need to add 5% to the Commission plus 10% of the 5% as CAL fee to the commission….So if a work is for sale at $1000

  • GIAG commission is 20% (members) so $200
  • RR is 5% so $50
  • CAL fee is 10% of RR so $5


The Copyright Agency Ltd. (CAL):

  • Will publish information about commercial resales on its website
  • Collect the resale royalty plus 10% of the amount collected as a fee
  • Distribute the resale royalty

Artists wishing to receive their resale royalty amounts should register their details with CAL. If the artist is not a member, CAL will hold the payment until the artist is a member.

If the artist wants to collect the royalty themselves, or not collect any royalty, they must notify CAL for each work of art.

Artists can become a member of CAL     OR Viscopy

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Off The Wall

The Glen Innes Art Gallery will be opening an exhibition with a difference on 28 October 2017. The exhibition, Off the Wall, will be an opportunity for art lovers and collectors to offer works they own which are by recognised artists for sale.  

There are many reasons people may wish to do this, but often it is simply that they are running out of wall space, and which to prioritise those they hang.  Sometimes people may be moving to smaller premises or ‘downsizing’ and have just too many works to take to their new home.

We expect this to be an eclectic exhibition with a broad range of artists represented from around the world, as people rationalise their collections. You never know what people have on their walls, so it is an exhibition not to be missed! 

Works may be in any medium, including sculpture and should be by a recognised artist, that is, one whose work is known and recognised, either locally or more widely. As is usual with Glen Innes Art Gallery exhibitions, the curator who, for this exhibition, will be Denis Haselwood, will have the final say in which works are to be accepted. 

Owners who wish to sell should be aware that there are resale royalties payable to the original artist through the Copyright agency, for works with a sale price of $1,000 or more. For further information regarding this, please contact Denis on, or 0428344142 or email


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Through a Lens Starkly

Photography is always a favourite amongst our patrons! Get your entries ready! 


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Get ready to spring into Gardens in Spring!

Spring is here and so is our next exhibition! What a wonderful way to celebrate this beautiful season! 

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Get ready for the Glen Archies!

Our local answer to the Archibald Prize! It is non-acquisitive and held every 2 years and this will be the 6th Glen Archies exhibition. It is a competitive exhibition, supported by local sponsors, with 3 categories: Photography, 2D any media and 3D any media. 1st Prize $450, 2nd Prize $250 in each category. You will be delighted to see local identities as never before, as well as other famous or unknown faces!

Poster Glen Archies

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Earth Works - A Glen Innes Pottery Club Exhibition

Opening this weekend at the Glen Innes Art Gallery is Earth Works - A Glen Innes Pottery Club Exhibition!

Earth Works poster1x

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Wool ‘n Wood Exhibition

The Glen Innes Art Gallery is preparing for another great exhibition, Wool ‘n Wood. As the title implies the exhibition will remind us of the important timber and wool industries that are significant in local region, while celebrating the creative use of these fantastic products.

The works of painters and photographers will reflect this theme and should make for some interesting works presenting aspects, both past and present of these primary industries and the people who work in them.

However the exhibition will be much more than two dimensional representations. Artists and artisans who work in wool and other textiles, and those who work in wood will present some intricate, interesting and amazing creations.

Wool from famous New England fine wool merinos, the broader staples from crossbred sheep, and the relatively new (to Australia) soft, silky fibre of alpacas will all be highlighted in the exhibition. Often these will be combined with other natural fibres such as silk and synthetic yarns to heighten their impact. There are some extremely skilled spinners, weavers and felters locally and you will be delighted with the riot of colour and textures in the works which will include wall hangings, jackets, brooches and scarves to die for. Knitting, crochet, tapestry, scrumbling and rug-making also utilise these yarns in a myriad of styles.

Timber is a fantastic, durable and beautiful medium for woodturning, carving, joinery and marquetry. Recycled old wood often has a wonderful grain and lustre and will be featured in some of the exciting entries for this exhibition. You will also see some spectacular examples of the various techniques with bowls, spoons, necklaces, furniture and sculptures.

Many of our local artisans working in wools or wood have experience gained over a lifetime and combine techniques to create some really exciting designs and pieces. So make sure you don’t miss this exhibition which opens at the Glen Innes Art Gallery on 3 June at 4pm. The free event will be great way to spend a winter Saturday, with refreshments and live music by Laurie Newsome. For more information contact Robyn Condon 0429848765 or

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Get Organised for the Upcoming Wool & Wood Exhibition

You are invited to submit your entries into the 2017 Wool & Wood Exhibition. This is a new exhibition for the Glen Innes Art Gallery and we look forward to seeing the wonderful exhibits!

Invite Wool  Wood

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Our First Exhibition for 2017 - Autumn In Glen

Join the Glen Innes Art Gallery in opening our first exhibition for 2017!

0056 001

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Glen Innes Calendar

Click the image to view the full online calendar.


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