Help Raise Funds

Play Your Part & Support Local Artists

Fundraising for art projects can be a difficult and costly process.. All our Gallery membership fees go directly into the gallery’s funds to maintain the gallery, make improvements, create events, run competitions and of course offer workshops to our members.

Keeping oneself afloat and working on projects can be a full-time job on its own.

Independent artist can struggle with trying to manage a lifestyle that involves art projects and a regular job. Community Art Galleries like Glen Innes Art Gallery provide a forum for Artists to experiment with marketing ideas as well as sell artworks. Being part of the community - by becoming a member - provides artists and interested supporters with the opportunity to work together in achieving an artists goal.

Central to the need for artists and community to work together is the need for funding to make the gallery work and pay for all the overheads including the marketing and numerous competitions and events held each year. 

Becoming a member means not just supporting the gallery, but supporting artists in our region.

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