Strength in numbers

Join with us in promoting local artists

With a strong and vibrant membership, the gallery can offer a rich and diverse exhibition calendar and members are encouraged to volunteer at the gallery and get involved with the various aspects of putting on an exhibition, of which there are around eight each year.

We are fiercely proud of our Gallery and the support it brings to local artists in so many ways. It is a community affair with patrons getting involved in supporting events, from donations through to taking part in a 'hands-on' way for the many events, exhibitions and competitions we hold every year.

Without the help of our members and volunteers we would not be able to fulfil the events each year.

Our members and volunteers tell us too that they appreciate the sense of community and involvement they can get in the process of being connected to the gallery.

Whether you are an artist old, or young, or a lover of all things art focused, or you just like to help out with community events, Glen Inness is an excellent place to come and connect.

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